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Consignor has shared many memories for nearly 40 years

Auctioneer, Kyana Taillon, and consignor, Gerry Nelsen, try on some of Gerry’s antique hats—the one Gerry’s wearing is from her Victorian-era grandmother, Christina.

Gerry Nelsen, Prairie du Chien, has been in the antique business for nearly 40 years, and has passed on many local stories behind the objects of intrigue she’s most interested in—things such as Victorian dresses, early-century jewelry, hats and anything with a feminine flair that has history. She carries her family’s history with pride with many antique photographs of she and her late husband, Hank, grandparents from Norway and Denmark. Her grandmother Christina is shown wearing a Victorian outfit that she made herself, wearing a hat that Nelsen still has on display and wears. 

“I’ve always loved to learn from people,” said Nelsen about what it is that appeals to her about the antique business. “It was so fun while it lasted, but since my husband passed away, it’s been more difficult.” 

Some of Nelsen’s old vintage and antique inventory, such as Victorian hat pins, jewelry and clothing, are part of our auction that takes place through Thursday, January 12, 2023.